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Community Space
" Blossom"Grand Opening Party!

Please come and join the celebration with Japanese appetizers, music, and a cultural activities booth. We are looking forward to seeing you. Thank you for supporting JCS! Click below for the tickets! 

About The Blossom...
JCS members have decided to grow and reach more people. It gives us a place to have our store for Japanese products, gather for various classes, such as Japanese calligraphy, art and language. We will also serve Japanese food, drink and sweets in the future. Your participation for this event will keep us going to expand and maintain JCS as NPO. Come and sign up for classes, events, and kid-friendly gatherings to get exposed to our culture.







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12:30 Guests arrive           受付開始

12:45 Monmouth Taiko Performance  モンマス太鼓 演奏

1:15 Welcome and Introduction,    オープニングテープカット&乾杯
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony      演奏&体験コーナー

  Koto: Masumi Timson       琴 Masumi Timson
Shamisen: Yumi Torimaru       三味線 Yumi Torimatsu
Sora-Shodo             書道 宇宙書道
🌟Door prize announcement 🌟    ドアプライズ発表
  Workshop           文化体験コーナー
  Flower Arrangement, Shodo    フラワーアレンジメント(WILD)
          Koto, Photo-booth, Yukata    琴・書道・フォトブース・浴衣体験
          Makizushi           飾り巻寿司

5:00 Closing            閉会